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What is “Digital” in Digital Storytelling?

Reading Web 2.0 Storytelling (found at raises more than a few questions. My immediate thought on the concept is given in the opening paragraphs, and mentioned at several points throughout. With the web as rapidly evolving as it is, with the vast majority of internet traffic being computer-to-computer as opposed to human-computer interactions, is creation on the web a worthwhile pursuit? In comparing traditional storytelling to the digital variety, I believe they are, at the core, the same. Though appearance may change from medium to medium, and though the landscape of digital works may appear different, so did the transition from word-of-mouth to written stories long ago.
That being said, “digital” does offer difference from written word. In the digital world, word spreads quickly. While this is excellent in capitalizing on the viral, fad-like nature of solid content, it makes it all the easier for creations to become lost. Where the written word can be carefully controlled relative to its target audience, creation for the web seems more of a vast experiment in social engineering, where both person-to-person and community relations must be taken into account to properly deploy and manage content.

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