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Week Two: A Summary

Alright, folks. Time for the Week Two Summary

To begin, typing on one hand is quite difficult. I’ve obtained for myself a wrist brace, not entirely through choice of my own, and I have now gained a thorough appreciation of being able to functionally type with both hands. That said, let’s walk through the week.

The Daily Create:

ds106 Week Two: The Daily Create

Daily creates are something I enjoy. They have enough variety to keep things interesting while avoiding taking a substantial amount of time. Through these, I understand more the importance of creating content daily and becoming comfortable with posting that content on the same day.


ds106: Let’s Play with Crappy Font

ds106 pt. 2: An Entirely True Rock Quote

ds106 pt. 3: These Hands

While choosing material from three different categories was mandatory, I found myself utilizing what little Photoshop knowledge I have for each. With assignments came a lesson on time management. This week, I underestimated the amount of time the assignments would take, mistaking them for being bulkier Daily Creates. That will have to be remedied in the future.

Article responses can be found at:

What is “Digital” in Digital Storytelling?


Response to Predictions from 1946

While these articles were thought-provoking, I found the read/response format to feel a bit disconnected from the digital media/storytelling side of things. In the future I plan to read the articles and respond before creative work begins and see how that affects the content I create.

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