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Week Three: A Summary

This week, I feel as though I unearthed a bit more routine in regards to this course, and to creation without anxiety as a whole. While the content was of utmost focus, creating without worry was a secondary focus throughout the week.
Without further ado, let’s take a walk.

Daily Create:

Week Three: Daily Create

I wish I’d done more of these. While the distance out of my comfort zone seems to be ever-growing (ending with music composition, something I haven’t thought about since early high school), the enjoyment with the tasks themselves grows as well.


The First Photoblitz

This was fun. I’ve never really taken photos based on assigned tasks before, but I quite liked the almost-frantic feeling of trying to capture good shots within a time limit. Whether or not this is assigned again, I know it’s something I’ll do.


Week 3 pt. 1: Up Close and Personal

Week 3 pt. 2: Blurred Lines

Contrary to last week, this week’s assignments focused less on editing and more on the natural photo. In my opinion, they blended quite well to the week’s theme of Photography, leaving out the editing that is normally featured in other visual assignments.

Photography Examples:

Week 3: Photography Examples

One learns more by listening than by talking. The same, I think, is true of photography. There are some absolutely stunning shots on Flickr, and perusing them for specific aspects was an entertaining time.

Reflection on Photography:

Week 3: A Reflection on Photography

Wow, this one got personal quite rapidly. Aside from telling my own story, reviewing the articles that contributed to this post gave solid foundation to the shots that were taken during the Photoblitz. Sharing photos still rings as an odd concept to me, but it is something I will continue to become comfortable with. I do hope I can supply the world with some unique perspectives, and I look forward to attempting to do so.

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  1. Amber Froney Amber Froney

    I really like how honest you were in your reflection of photography post. I don’t think a lot of people really put that much thought into photographing (unless this is your career or you have a strong passion for it). I love how you set up your weekly blog reflection as well! Awesome job!

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