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After talking with Sensei Kayler, it’s come to my attention that I won’t be able to design a functional game on the scale I had previously considered. My idea to this point was to create a simulator for a day in the life of someone with Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, or OCD, and to allow for the player to check boxes to indicate which of the afflictions they’d like to play. This concept supported blending of afflictions, simulating the all-too-common combinations of Depression and Anxiety, Depression and PTSD, PTSD and OCD, or any other possible combination. For this semester, I’ll choose one to focus on. For now, I’m thinking that will be PTSD. PTSD has been sensationalized in misrepresented in media for so long, and associated for the most part with wartime veterans. While combat-based PTSD is a serious issue, it is not one I intend on tackling with my game. A total of 8 million adults per year experience PTSD according to the US Department of Veteran Affairs, with about 4 million of these people having never served in combat. I hope to craft a game that will allow the player to experience a day in the life of someone with non-combat PTSD.

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