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Paper Sickness

Well friends, I’m sick. After running a high fever for the last 30 or so hours, I’m starting to come down into the 101 range of body temperature. I’m not sure how many fellow designers I’ll see on paper review day, if any, but good luck to you all. In absence of the mental function necessary to write any sort of paper or to look at a screen for an extended amount of time, I’ve decided to post a brief update on my game. My concept has evolved from a simple top-down explorer to one that includes the element of color and discovery of the history of the character through solving of puzzles and application of that color in the various rooms in a house. This will hopefully grant me access to increased symbolism and greater use of emotion as well as addressing the nature of the afflictions I am hoping to cover. That’s all for this update, have a good night folks.

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  1. Just presenting an idea, but why not make the game first person? It would add to the immersion of the game, unless you have it top down for interaction reasons (like moving stuff beyond a wall or something). Just a thought

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