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As I’ve posted twice about my game already (once on research, once on concept), I’ve decided it’s time to throw some brainstorming out to the world. Since those first posts, I’ve been rethinking my game. I intend on running on both tracks for a while to see how actual design and functionality turns out. With the first “through the mist” idea, the topics referenced were primarily depression, empathy, and synesthesia. While the playable aspect was easier to envision, I think I can go bigger.
At this point, I’d like to design a game that has several games within, each addressing a mental affliction/illness. This would give the player more of a sense of levels or progression, though I’ve not decided how progressing from stage to stage would work. Though there are many more being faced in the world today, the main afflictions (the term I will use in-game) I’d like to include are Depression, Social Anxiety/Phobia, OCD, and potentially PTSD. While the former idea focused on portraying these afflictions in the auras of NPCs, I’d like to take a more educational and abstract route, giving the player a window into each affliction by assigning them a task that can be compared to the struggle faced by those with that particular condition.

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