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Iron Designer/Game Jam

Today’s challenge was one for the books. The class was divided randomly into two teams of three and two teams of four with the task of designing a neighbor vs neighbor game that didn’t include territory acquisition or death/destruction, and were given a 45 minute time limit. My group consisted of Elise (aka Butterfly Sargent), Willow (aka Is Actual Doe), and James (aka Suitest of Mates). Combining negotiation with development with brainstorming and frenzy, we designed what I think is a pretty quality game.

The main lesson of the day came for me in the form of the pitch. I’d pitched before to groups larger than the class about games I was more invested in , but this was the first time in a while I’d pitched a game. My job was to pitch mechanics, and in this I did a pretty mediocre job. I’m not frustrated, merely resolving to improve. The key thing I forgot was to pitch to my judge, not to the greatest number of people in the room. As the average person in Part Play is a gamer and the judge was not, this made all the difference.

All in all, the day was solid. It features small-group intense game development (my favorite environment), and a lesson learned.

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