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Week 6 pt. 1: A Bumper, Revisited

After some consideration, I decided I wanted to revisit my radio bumper from audio week as part of this week’s assignments. I knew when I made it I wanted to give it a heavier edit later on, and now seems the opportune time.

Link to Assignment:

Stars: 4

Process: This was interesting to do. I knew I wanted to make it deeper and more general (not a slogan), but I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. Naturally, rather than searching the ever-broadening internet for answers, I played around to get it to happen. I first started with my original file. I opened the multi-track .sesx file in Audition and listened to it a few times. From there, I went into the .mp3 of my voice. I selected the portion I wanted and exported it to a new file. Once it was in an editable format, I ran a stretch and pitch process on it, deepening it substantially. I remembered typical radio show bumpers having a bit of repetition of syllables, so I went ahead and copied the “D-” of DS106 and pasted it a few times in front of the track. I inserted this into the multitrack, muting the old file, and found that it wasn’t quite long enough. To fix this, I went back in and copied “radio”, repeating it a few times at the end of the track. I flashed back to the multitrack and could visually see that it still needed some length, so I ran a Stretch and Pitch process to stretch it to 133% of the original length (similar to slowing Ride down 800% during Audio week). Once it was reinserted to the multitrack, I increased the volume and mixed down the session selectively (so as not to have the old version overlapping with the new) into a single mp3. That result is below.

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  1. Emily Emily

    This sounds awesome, Corey!

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