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Week 5: Summing it Up

This week was a hectic one. Having been sick for the majority of the week, DS106 work was not something I entirely wanted to do. Even still, I’m kind of proud of this week’s work. Creating has felt good. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Daily Create:

Week 5: Daily Create

This week’s daily creates were nice. They seemed to really emphasize being quick to do and existing to get a little bit of creativity out there on a somewhat regular basis.


Reflection on Design

Reflecting on design was interesting. Since it’s not something I’m very familiar with (and have absolutely never taken a formal class on), viewing sources that were focused and from the point of view of those who do this for a living was an eye-opening experience.


Week 5 pt. 1: Four Icons, One Story

Week 5 pt. 2: Minimalist Poster

Week 5 pt. 3: A Sheep in Wolfs Clothing

Week 5 pt. 4: Honest Game Cover

Through assignments, I have made a shocking discovery. They are much more fun when I don’t leave them until the last day. Thankfully, this week, I did them early on. Before I began, I thought the Photoshop usage would be greatly similar to previous weeks. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was not, and that it drew me a little more out of my comfort zone, not in technical difficulty, but in the act of designing with intent.

Design Blitz:

Design Blitz

The Design Blitz was a bit strange to me. I’d almost like to retry it at a later week (assuming I ever have free time), using more photos of objects rather than of text/ads. While it’s not my favorite photo by any means, I felt more connected with the principles of design through linking chairs to the design glossary.

Show Your Work! Reflection

Show Your Work! Reflection

While I can hypothesize all day from the titles of the chapters, this is a reading that will have to wait for another time. That one-user limit is amazingly picky.

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