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Week 5 pt. 4: Honest Game Cover

Time for another episode of Honest Cover, where we take a game cover and make it Honest!

Link to Assignment:

Stars: 4

Process: Step 1: Find a game cover. I began by moving to my Steam library in search of a game I wanted to give an honest cover to. After settling momentarily on FTL (and loading its cover into Photoshop, resizing the canvas, all that), I wasn’t feeling it. Step 2: Find a game cover. This time, I chose Kerbal Space Program. Getting rid of the current text was simple enough (a box selection and delete), as was writing the new text. In an effort to make it a little less ugly, I copied the planet’s surface from just below the now-white box and used the blend tool to blend the pasted surface with itself. The result isn’t pretty, but it no longer features a stark white box.


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