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Week 5 pt. 2: Minimalist Poster


Link to Assignment:

Stars: 3.5

Process: After deciding to use the TV show Chuck, I moved to Google Images. I gravitated towards icons, both because of the last assignment and due to their inherent minimalist nature. After finding a plethora of images I felt were related to the show, I took them to Photoshop to create the poster. These images required slight color change and rearrangement, but nothing too intensive. The challenge (and compromise) came in choosing title font. Chuck’s font is a major component of the title screen and of posters of the show, but it is a proprietary subset of a very general font family (Impact). In an effort to keep similar feel while branching towards minimalism even in font choice, I went with American Typewriter. While it’s not quite so iconic, it’s something I’m happy with.


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