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Week 4: Summary Time

This week was audio week. Over the last couple days, life has been a blitz of assignments, getting reacquainted with Audition, and cramming in projects for a few different classes. With all this happening, I believe this is one of those times where stress helped with motivation to create and post content at a rapid pace.
Everything said and done, let’s walk through some sounds.

Daily Create:

Week 4: Daily Create

This was the one area where I really wish I’d done more earlier in the week. Daily Creates this week were something that had to be knocked out in a few spare moments as opposed to thought over.


Reflection on Audio

I began the reflection fairly early on, and finished after Thursday night’s radio show. Reflecting on sound as a whole felt like an incredibly broad topic to me, so I tried to stick with different mediums, including the show once I had time to think about its production. Doing the reflection in stages may be something I take into future weeks, as I find my attitude towards the medium can vary or strengthen once creation really picks up.


Week 4 pt. 1: Let’s Slow Things Down a Bit

Week 4 pt. 2: Reverse Reverse

Week 4 pt. 3: Half a Step

Week 4 pt. 4: A Story of Sound

Week 4 pt. 5: Radio Bumper

Wow. I guess the majority of this week fell under the category of assignments. I very much enjoyed how these worked up in difficulty, employing differing levels of difficulty and varying uses of tools and effects in Audition. The culmination of use of effects was the Story of Sound, while the crescendo of song implementation was the radio bumper. I look forward to doing more work like this, and hopefully continuing to improve and learn new things in audio production.

Radio Live Tweeting:

Here lies a compendium of tweets that I sent out live during the radio show. When it comes to the show itself, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. The fact that it took the form of a fictional podcast-esque presentation was both surprising and enjoyable. It took a bit, but I did fall into the story and was left curious at the rest of the universe that was created.

Radio Show Brainstorm:

Radio Show Brainstorm

Last but not least comes the radio show brainstorm. This is an incredibly chaotic post, and is one I hope to improve upon in the very near future. That being said, the creative part of my mind is definitely putting brainstorming for the radio show on more of a front burner than it has been. Whatever happens with that project, I hope my group and I can make something cool.

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