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Week 13: The Final Countdown, Seeds of a Plan

The countdown to the final project has continued this week. As other classes kept me extremely busy and unable to really sit down and develop media, I’ve dedicated time to planning and further brainstorming on how I want to approach this project.
In commenting on others posts, I noticed that a few people had begun to outline which forms of media they would use. This week, I approached brainstorming largely from that perspective.
For the moment, I plan to continue with the mystery project, played out across different forms of media. Once I have a spare hour or two, I’ll be developing Visual media. Clues in visual media will progress to audio files stored around the internet, bringing in the third category of web assignments. If I have time next week, I’ll attempt to throw in a video as well, either a trailer or a simulated piece of the mystery. As video takes considerably longer for me to create and finalize, I’m willing to cut this portion if time becomes an issue.
As far as story is concerned, the player/user will be able to navigate through a set of images and audio files (mixing photos and audio I take with those of the Internet), where they’ll find various hints in a transmedia experience resembling Clue.

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