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Week 12: The Final Countdown Begins

This week marked the beginning of the end. The task was singular: To begin thinking about a final project for ds106 that would combine at least four categories from the Assignment Repository to tell a story across media.

I have developed transmedia before. For the past few months, transmedia storytelling has happened in the form of a large-scale project that began in Wales and Scotland while on study abroad. Upon seeing this assignment, my initial reaction was to post some of that work and/or pieces of the overall process that has gone into creating something that encompasses several websites, hundreds of images and videos, and several interactive stories. While I believe this would be informative, that story is not entirely mine to tell.

For this class, I will be creating something new. One thing that has always interested me has been the concept of mystery. Finding clues, solving puzzles, and seeing what others could not to help put the world right. With the Internet so easily accessible, bringing this experience to the virtual space seems like the perfect challenge.

With mystery in mind, the question comes to the nature of the mystery. I considered a murder investigation but decided against it, primarily for the reason that obtaining/working with images or video regarding clues could be unpleasant in a couple ways. Currently, my mind rests on the concept of a simple fetch quest, probably to find someone’s lost cat. This will allow for flexibility of the antagonist(s), varied puzzles, and the opportunity for audio, image, and video editing right off the bat. Over the weekend, I hope to diagram out more of how I want to structure this story and how it will progress through different forms of media.

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  1. Anna Anna

    A transmedia mystery story sounds awesome!

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