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Week 11 pt. 2: Consumer Mashup

McDonald’s, if you’re reading this, I just really like burritos. And I definitely want a mention if you use it.
This assignment was to take the logo of a place where you often spend money and to redesign it based on what you buy.

Link to Assignment:

Stars: 3.5

Process: For this, I began with a copy of the McDonald’s logo and an image of breakfast burritos. I threw the logo into Photoshop and cut the ‘M’ into a new layer (to use as a guideline). I selected one of the burritos from the original image and ran an inverse selection to isolate it, then put it into the logo at the base of the M. The rest was basically copying the burrito into new layers and placing them over the M. Towards the end I decided to select and make a new layer of the red lettering to be able to overlap the burritos and closer emulate the style of the original logo. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the final result.

McDonalds Burrito Logo

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  1. This design looks very neat and I beat if it was real, it would attract a lot of burrito lovers!

  2. HoneybeeDudley HoneybeeDudley

    Neat. I think it says a lot that even if you had kept the McDonald’s text out, the image would still be highly recognizable.

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