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Week 11 pt. 1: This Doesn’t Belong Here

I’m feeling an early start to Mashup Week. This assignment’s task is to mash up two famous movie scenes, with placing a prop from one movie into the scene of another given as an example.

Link to Assignment:

Stars: 4.5

Process: To begin, I grabbed a scene from Saving Private Ryan. Feeling like this was iconic enough, I searched for a prop or character to match. After debating for a moment putting a chest-bursting alien coming from Tom Hanks’s wound, I settled on Luke Skywalker in the background. I loaded the scene into Photoshop and placed Luke in the frame. I then scaled him down to match the size of the existing characters and blurred him, as the image focuses strongly on the foreground. To place him behind a character in the frame, I made a new layer of Matt Damon’s leg and changed the layer stack order.

Saving Private Skywalker

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  1. HoneybeeDudley HoneybeeDudley

    Very nicely done and extremely seamless!

  2. I’m surprised by how well he fits into the background. Well done!

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