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Week 10: Summary of a Weird Week

This week was unusually busy and thus resulted doing assignments and daily creates in strange bursts rather than spread out across the week. While it wasn’t as bad as I expected, I do hope things calm down life-wise. That said, let’s begin.

Daily Create:

Week 10: Daily Create


Week 10 pt. 1: Favorite Thing

Week 10 pt. 2: Video Your Mood

Week 10 pt. 3: Play It Back

In summary, I’m glad for the week to be over. Hectic as things have been, I realize now I’d never really shot video in a creative context before these past couple weeks. Given the nature of assignments, that fact was exemplified this week. While I know I can do better as far as production quality goes, I’m happy to have my foot in the door with this form of media. It doesn’t seem so intimidating to shoot video now, and I’ll do my best to keep that going.

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