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Response to Predictions from 1946

The following is a response to “A Logic Named Joe: The 1946 sci-fi short that nailed modern tech.” (Found at

Reading this article was fascinating. When I began, flashes of 1984’s dystopian setting began to creep their way across my thoughts. Not finding such a harsh dystopia from earlier writing was simultaneously surprising and relieving. In reading about Joe and the idea that a computer could simply want to do better, I find a future that I would not be opposed to. The Internet, I believe, is not entirely meant to be a good thing. It is simply a medium for communication, and that communication is conducted with other members of the human race. By nature, the internet exposes us to the dark psyche of fellow human beings, and, by extension, ourselves. If a lesson on human darkness can be learned in addition to those on human light, I believe interconnectedness would serve as a benefit. In an era in which anonymity is increasingly prevalent, one can only hope global connectivity has lessons yet to distribute.

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