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Reflection on Design

After watching Title Design: The Making of Movie Titles, I’m intrigued. Fonts are something I have not looked at in-depth in a long while, and to see someone who not only knows them so well, but manipulates and maneuvers them in the creation of art, feels like a glimpse of another world. Even being decently in-touch with the creative process of games and movies (the former more than latter), I find it easy to forget that the job of title creation exists, or that it is as important as it is to the essence of the movie.

This article continues that path of thought and carries it over into logos and typefaces. I am a computer science major. Much of writing code is, by nature, invisible work. Visible code likely means something has gone wrong. This may be why I’m fascinated with the concept of logo design. To have work be so visible, and to have it be entirely reliant on its ability to be visible, is a foreign yet enjoyable concept.

The Vignelli Canon seems to anchor the art of design in discipline and objective instruction. While it differs in tone from the first source, I think they balance well to give a fair impression of the field as a whole, giving voice to both the logic and process side of things as well as the feeling and impulse aspects. I hope to be able to combine these principles as this week’s assignments take place.

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