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Radio Show Review

Wednesday night, ds106 radio broadcast radio show projects from a few of my peers in the class. While I did not listen to all the shows, I did listen, along with a group of my friends, to a show called History 2.0.

This show was the second to air, and I’ll admit to feeling a bit of trepidation going in. I knew other shows had been rough, and I wasn’t looking forward to having to peer review a poor production.

The show began with a decently clear voice (no umms or ahs), which was a good sign. Within the first thirty seconds, something about an doctor of alternate/multidimensional research caught my attention. Just as it had begun to wane again (I was tired at this point, and easily distracted), the first phone call came on. On the other line was an alternate version of the doctor (who was the guest speaker on the show). This was bolstered by the well-simulated phone call, which sounded like it was run through a couple filters and perhaps pitched to achieve the proper effect.

The show continued with several callers coming in and asking the doctor’s opinion on what history would have been like if events had transpired with the use of the internet. This contained a solid amount of humor (Donner Party and Google Maps) as well as several historical branches, from the Holocaust to D-Day. While I didn’t always agree with the historical assessments or summaries, the show stayed amusing.

Between segments were commercials, which may have been my favorite part. One of the first ones I remember was pitched and sped up, sounding like an exaggerated version of the audio fine-print that takes place at the end of modern advertisements. Another that I loved (and that got the room laughing) was a workout commercial. I don’t have notes written on it other than the reaction of those listening around me.

As far as critique goes, he quality of recording was average when compared to other shows, coming in a bit muffled or blocky at times. The ending contained some noticeable pauses and umms, but it didn’t seem to detract from the show in any major way.

All in all, I was happy to listen to this. I will probably be trying to replicate the filters used to create the phone calls if/when future projects call for it.

I’ve been looking for the audio file of the show, as I’ve some friends who would like to listen, so if anyone happens to have that link feel free to leave it in the comments.

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