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Design Blitz


This image, I think, embodies rhythm. This comes to me less as something I can explain logically and more of a general sense of the way the chairs are spaced on the floor, and the way they are placed in their allotted space.


The front face of the vending machine worked as an example of form/function, to where the text and numbers are spaced the way they are for clear readability and ease of use. In this example, I believe the font of the letters/numbers on the keys could be improved, possibly made blockier as opposed to their current newsprint style.


This bottle immediately jumped out at me as an example of color, especially of saturation and brightness. Even with the deep orange around the label, the image of the orange still jumps out as the brightest object in the picture. Surrounded by its complement (blue), it sticks out even more to the consumer.


Last but not least comes this example of typography. I found this flyer lying on a table, and the use of blockiness to convey the title of the show along with bold print to draw attention to further details seems to work for the style and scheme.

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